The energy industry has been facing an evolution of changing regulations and a new focus on sustainability, while simultaneously attempting to manage ever fluctuating prices. Developing the right policy management framework has never been more crucial, and a robust and efficient policy management system like DocTract can provide a holistic and integrated system to ensure the digital transformation of policy management practices and optimize the energy sector for maximum resiliency, innovation, and performance.

Interactive Dashboard
No Installations
Direct Editor Integration
Easy to Use Interface
Mobile Enabled
Collaboration and Approvals
Overdue Reminders


Capabilities Important to You

Document Level Security

Focus employees on the documents they can view and manage

Field Mobile Access

Enable field employees in remote regions with low connectivity

Document Templates

Promote document standardization across the organization

Rich Content

Publish rich content maintained in your local editor

Standards and Regulations

Map documents to individual standards and regulations

Automated Workflows

Unlimited workflow steps for collaboration and approvals

Publish History

Retrieve the exact version from any date

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Dedicated Cloud Platform. Rapid Deployment.

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