Many local, state, and even Federal government agencies often struggle with inefficient policy management procedures. Outdated and cumbersome manual processes weigh down these agencies in providing a sufficient framework for governance while also helping manage risk. Managing policies, governance, and risk cannot be effective and efficient if it is managed in a scattered and isolated process that lacks visibility and collaboration throughout your organization. DocTract’s integrated and agile approach to policies is becoming more important in our current modern environment, and organizations need to seek effectiveness, efficiency, and complete visibility if they wish to manage policies adequately.

Interactive Dashboard
No Installations
Direct Editor Integration
Easy to Use Interface
Mobile Enabled
Collaboration and Approvals
Overdue Reminders


Capabilities Important to You

Employee Search Portal

Easy to use customized employee portal

Version Control

Retrieve the exact version from any date


Track confirmations that employees have seen updates

Source Document Editing

Keep and edit your documents in the current format

Easy to Use

Manage documents from a single interface

Budget Friendly

Pricing structures designed for managed budgets

Secure Cloud Solution

Built with modern secure technologies

"We love using DocTract! We truly enjoy how easy it is to update our policies and set up collaborations and workflows with all our different departments. One of our most favorite features is how our documents are integrated with Microsoft Word which makes it user-friendly to update documents. Another brand-new feature is creating binders, you can easily select specific files to be combined into a PDF file along with a table of contents ready to be printed or sent out via email. And finally, I appreciate the amazing customer service DocTract provides whenever we need a little extra help to get the project completed!”


Deputy City Clerk

“After using DocTract for the past three years, DocTract has streamlined our policy management process. It has been very helpful with updating policy and collaborating during the updating process. As a law enforcement agency, we were seeking a one stop solution for crafting, updating, reviewing, automatic notification for periodic management review, tracking employee review, training, and testing on Policy and Procedures. DocTract meets our needs.”

County Sheriff Department


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