Nonprofit governance can often be chaotic and complicated. An increased focus on transparency and accountability has made it crucial for these organizations to develop their governance and policy management systems to help ensure that its leaders, employees, and volunteers have a clear and standardized guidelines for handling important aspects of the organization’s operations. A platform like DocTract provides an efficient, ready-to-use tool that is built by experts that know how to make the journey towards effective policy management easy for nonprofit organizations.

Interactive Dashboard
No Installations
Direct Editor Integration
Easy to Use Interface
Mobile Enabled
Collaboration and Approvals
Overdue Reminders


Capabilities Important to You

Regulations and Standards

Crosswalk Regulations and Standards into your documents

Automatic Reviews

Automatically start annual reviews or issue a mass review due to changing standards

Automated Workflow

Easy to use, yet powerful workflow with unlimited steps

Publish History

Retrieve the exact version from any date

Policy Binders

Create different policy binders with your own custom structures

Automated Reminders

Automatically notify employees for new or overdue tasks

Version Control

Complete record trail for history and audit purposes

Before we implemented DocTract, we consistently struggled with ensuring that all of our staff members had access to all of the documents they need to do their jobs. We highly recommend DocTract to anyone who struggles with document management.”

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