Educational institutions have a heavy degree of regulatory and governance responsibilities to protect privacy and intellectual property, safeguard their student body and staff, and so much more. Policy management can be particularly challenging when communicating on and providing training for a vast library of ever-changing policies and procedures to an equally vast network of individuals and departments. A robust and efficient policy management system like DocTract is crucial in order to provide a holistic and integrated system to ensure the successful distribution and training of key policies throughout a large educational institution.

Interactive Dashboard
No Installations
Direct Editor Integration
Easy to Use Interface
Mobile Enabled
Collaboration and Approvals
Overdue Reminders


Capabilities Important to You

Public Portal

Create a beautiful easy to use Policy Portal without developers

Full Text Search

High performance searching for documents

Workflow Templates

Make sure the right people review each document

Version History

Retrieve the exact version from any date

Periodic Reviews

Make sure documents are reviewed on a regular basis

Search Engine Integration

Automatically upload a full text sitemap

Built In Templates

Standardize policies with built-in templates

“We use DocTract to manage our university-wide policy lifecycle from drafting to public posting to review. The solution provides an efficient and user friendly way to include partners from across the organization in the policy development and deployment process. It has also significantly streamlined our back-end policy management work, saving us significant man-hours over our previous system.....we are very satisfied with DocTract and the value it provides.”

Virginia Public Research Unversity

Program Manager, Policy and Regulatory Compliance

“DocTract has helped us streamline the document review and publishing process. DocTract also has a public facing website that our policies and procedures are published to....”

Texas Public Research University

Legal Services Administartor

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